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female_fans's Journal

The Female Sports Fans of LJ
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Tired of being told you're a fan girl when it's clearly the opposite?
Tired of taking shit when you know your shit because you wear a pink hat?
Tired of guys dominating sports talk even when you can talk a good game yourself?
Tired of being called a fan girl because you think some player is cute but his stats are killer?

Then this is YOUR Community.

Welcome to female_fans. This community is for the women of Live Journal who happen to love sports, either watching or playing. Any and all female sports fans are encouraged to join and post. Anything that is to be posted is to be sports related-from meeting players, to game stats, to predictions for the season, to what it's like to be a female and a sports fan.

Fangirl posts will be mocked accordingly. If you're only here because "OMGZ tOm BrAdY iZ sOoO hOt," then post at your own risk. Consider this your warning.

Please be nice to each other. Sports rivalries do exist but you don't have to get all claws out because someone dislikes your team.

Your Mod is toesinthesand05, a member of Red Sox Nation since 1981 and currently plays softball in the intramurual leagues for Boston University.

If you want to make an intro post, you can follow the format provided here: Welcome/Intro Post Format"

Any questions,comments or concerns can be emailed to Jenn.Banderas@gmail.com.

And males: You can join at your own risk but this is primarily a FEMALE FAN community.