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The Female Sports Fans of LJ
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Female Fans of Live Journal
This community is designed for sports talk from the women members of LiveJournal. Any and all sports fans are encouraged to join and to post in support of their team(s),sport(s) and experiences.

February 2010
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Babybach [userpic]

Name: Becky Umbach
Where You're From:Northampton, mA
Sports You Follow:Baseball, National soccer(occaisionally)
Favorite Teams:Red Sox, Boston Cannons(Lax) Brasil(soccer)
Sports You've Played::Lax, Soccer

In the System [userpic]

Name: Jessica
Age: 23
Where You're From: Worcester, MA - But I live in Boston now.
Sports You Follow: Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football and Basketball.
Favorite Teams: Hockey [Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, Portland Pirates, UMass Boston Beacons, BU Terriers] Baseball [Red Sox, Paw Sox], Soccer [NE Revolution, Tottenham Hotspur], Football [NE Patriots] Basketball [Boston Celtics, KU Jayhawks]
Sports You've Played: I played softball from the time I was 8 until I graduated college. Now I play some pick up hockey and I'm deep into the Ultimate Frisbee season. Plus I work in hockey so I'm around it on a daily basis.

Babybach [userpic]

wow. I hope people were wathing the Netherlands Portugal game because it was absolutely nuts. Maniche got a goal fairly early on, but then eventually the netherlands were playing down with people as well as Portugal and the Netherlands kept taking shot after shot after shot. I personally was rooting for Portugal because i think the Netherlands play dirty, which you could tell if you saw the Deco red card incident. I don't know, everyone pretty much agrees that the refs were blind because there was so many slide tackles/should-have-been fouls and the bench was cleared at least 3 times. It was a pretty crazy game, but I love how Deco was talking with the other red  carded (grammar?) players from Netherlands even after there was all this bad feeling. I love how the World Cup brings together all these different people from different places.


Hey ladies-
I've been wicked busy with school and work, so I've kind of let this community go to the back burner. I just promoted in a bunch of communities to try and get more members. I'm encouraging you guys to promote as well; the more diverse members, the better the community.

I've still been watching the Red Sox and the Mets baseball and I've started to follow the World Cup a bit more closely. Congrats to the Miami Heat on winning the NBA championship!

I'm going to be looking for a co-mod or co-mods when membership goes up. Basically, I'm just going to need 1-3 other people who can watch the community more closely since I'm really not around as much as I would like. If you're interested or have any questions, email me at NotAFanGirl2005@redsoxmvp.com


Current Location: Boston
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mac_nificent [userpic]

i don't know how many soccer fans are in this community, but surely somebody saw the INSANITY of world cup today?!  ok first, ghana beats the czech republic 2-0, which nobody said would happen.  lucky for the US, it opened a huge door for us.  and then the US vs. Italy game was absolutely out of control.  3 red cars, 2 american players ejected, one italian booted.  italy got an OWN GOAL to put the US on the board, and then somehow, a player down, the team manages to hold on to grab a point with the tie.  my heart  was in my throat for most of the game.  the ref sucked, and he knows it.  but still... such a thriller of a game.  i really hope sombody else was witness to this.  i love world cup!

mac_nificent [userpic]

Name: McKenzie
Age: 18
Where You're From: Houston, TX
Sports You Follow: college basketball & football, NBA, NFL (sometimes)
Favorite Teams: San Antonion Spurs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Dynamos, Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, Texas Longhorns, Houston Astros
Sports You've Played: gymnastics - 8 years; volleyball - 7 years

May I just say that I'm really excited to finally find a group of ladies who are into sports?  It's really encouraging.  Thanks for creating this community!

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Melissa [userpic]

Who do you want to win the Cup?

Edmonton Oilers or the Carolina Hurricanes?

I want Edmonton to win because I'm pissed that Carolina eliminated my Devils. :(

With the Boston Red Sox currently playing the New York Yankees and having the two teams being heralded as the "greatest rivalry in sports" according to ESPN, what do you think are other great rivalries in sports?

They can be at any level and any sport.

For me, the Boston U vs. Boston College ice hockey rivalry is one of the greatest ever.

What's your big rivlary? What two teams can fire you up like no other when they play?

(and I'm working on pimping out this community in promo communities and major sports communities as well. I want more members, damn it!)

Name: Carmen
Age: 17
Where You're From: Boca Raton, FL (South Florida) and moving to Miami, FL in a little over 2 months
Sports You Follow: MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, Florida State League baseball (Class A-Advanced Minor League Baseball)
Favorite Teams: Florida Marlins, Florida Panthers, Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Jupiter Hammerheads
Sports You've Played: Soccer and I coached baseball

I love the idea of this group. I hate people who assume that if you're a female sports fan you're therefore dumb and know nothing about the game. I, unfortunately, know some girls like that but most of us are probably more real fans than those who accuse us of being fangirls.

Katie [userpic]

Name: Katie
Age: 15
Where You're From: San Antonio, Texas
Sports You Follow: in no particular order...MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NCAA Football, NCAA Hoops
Favorite Teams: Houston Astros, Alabama Crimson Tide, Texas A&M Aggies, Duke Blue Devils, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs
Sports You've Played: Tennis, soccer, & basketball

 i've been looking around for a community like this for a loooong time, so this is awesome

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